Business Licenses

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Who needs to apply for an Occupational License?

All persons or companies conducting business within the city limits of Mansfield are required to obtain a City Business License. Business types include: retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, service providers, professionals, contractors, non-profit organizations, self-employed or consultants (home businesses), and residential landlords renting three or more units. 

When should an application be submitted?

An application must be submitted and fees must be paid prior to commencement of business operations.

Where is my license valid?

Your Business License is valid only within the city limits of Mansfield - while doing business from your
commercial/professional location, your residence, or when you are providing services to a resident or business within the city limits.


  • Business Licenses are non-transferable. 
  • A business license does not authorize you to operate a
    business that is otherwise prohibited by law or ordinance
    in the City of Mansfield.  (e.g. Sexually Oriented Businesses)

Download:    Business License Application   Occupational License Tax Tables


  • Occupational License - $50.00 for first year (annual renewal fee based on total gross sales for business)
  • Peddler's License - $200.00 annually
  • Special Events License - $250.00 annually
    (carnival, circuses, concerts, and special event)