Police Desk Activity Log

Mansfield Police Department


Arrest Report

June 19--June 25

06/21/17  0245  Arrested Henderson, Cornell for Mayors Warrant-Theft By Shoplifting; Christian

06/21/17  1250  Arrested Murray, Solomon for Dist. the Peace; Zamarripa

06/21/17  1400  Arrested Procell, Jennifer for Bench Warrant-MVI Sticker Expired; Anderson

06/21/17  1709  Arrested Richardson, Khashaylon for Unauthorized Entry of an Inhabited Dwelling; Zamarripa

06/21/17  1940  Arrested  Woodley, Andre J. for Bench Warrant-Off Road Vehicle on Public Road; Ambrose

06/21/17  1943  Arrested Powell, Lakendrick for Theft by Shoplifting; Whitaker

06/22/17  1400  Arrested Solomon, Murray for Cruelty to a Juvenile; Zamarripa

06/23/17  0835  Arrested Mitchell, Elease Allen W. for Mayor Warrant-Enter/Remain on Premises,
                                               FTCs-Enter/Remain on Premises, Stop Sign Violation, Enter/Remain                                                                                                     on Premises, & D.L. not on Person; F. Jones

06/23/17  1100  Arrested Spencer, Adrian R. for Bench Warrant-Red light Viol., & Noise Violation; DPSO

06/25/17  1035  Arrested Hall, Bryan M for Bench Warrant-Stop Sign Violation; F. Jones

06/25/17  1956  Arrested Jones, Bryson on Warrant for Home Invasion; Christian, Buckingham, Self,                                                                                                                                        Dep. Booker & Evans