Police Desk Activity Log

Mansfield Police Department


Arrest Report

April 15 -- April 21

04/15/19  0840  Arrested Raybon, Matthew for Bench Warrant-Improper Lane Use & DL not
                                              on person; Anderson

04/15/19  2008  Arrested Litton, Ladarrion for Bench Warrant-Switched License Plate, D.U. S., & Disturbing
                                               the Peace; O’Neal         

04/17/19  2019  Arrested Freeman, Dana for Bench Warrant-Speeding; DPSO Deputy

04/18/19  1858  Arrested Taylor, William for Bench Warrants-D.L. Susp/Revoc, Improper Display License Plate,              
                                               & Unsafe Vehicle; DPSO Deputy

04/18/19  1828  Arrested McIntyre, Richard for Simple Drunk and Disturbing the Peace; O’Neal

04/19/19  1915  Arrested Mayweather, Jacorey for Bench Warrant-Disturbing the Peace; Ambrose

04/19/19  1736  Arrested Shandle, Montrae’ for Theft by Shoplifting; Anderson

04/20/19  2308  Arrested McKinney, Nakeisha for Bench Warrant-Speeding; Jones

04/21/19  0309  Arrested Reed, Rayshun for Disturbing the Peace; O’Neal

04/21/19  0309  Arrested Claiborne, Quashaylynn for Disturbing the Peace; Ambrose

04/21/19  2348  Arrested Richardson, Cordero for Disturbing the Peace; Ambrose

04/21/19  2348  Arrested Howard, Franklin for Disturbing the Peace; Ambrose