Police Desk Activity Log

Mansfield Police Department


Arrest Report

August 6-August 12

08/07/18  1004  Arrested  Futch, Clifford for Reckless Oper./DWI; Anderson

08/07/18  2338  Arrested Jones, Daniel C. for Bench Warrants-Enter/Remain on Premises, Disturbing The
                                               Peace & Disturbing the Peace; Booker 

08/08/18  0852  Arrested Jones, Mantrell for Bench Warrants-Alcohol Vio,  & Simple Drunk; Self

08/09/18  0230  Arrested Jones, Derrick Deon for Bench Warrant-Disturbing the Peace; Buckingham

08/09/18  0937  Arrested Jackson, Deborah for Warrant-Theft under $750.00; Self       

08/09/18  0933  Arrested Mason, Frederick J. for Warrant-Illegal Poss. of Stolen things under$500; Self

08/10/18  0900  Arrested Jones, Curtis D. for Bench Warrants-Indecent Exposure, No D/L,                                                                                            No Proof Of Ins., Unsafe Veh. & Dist. The Peace; Blue

08/10/18  2257  Arrested Scott, Ray Lee for DPSO Warrant for Criminal Neglect of Family; Booker  

08/11/19  0545  Arrested Mcadams, Ben for Bench Warrant-No Driver’s License; Ambrose

08/11/19  0705  Arrested Griffin, Danerian for Dist. The Peace; Anderson

08/11/18  2142  Arrested Johnson, Bertrend for Bench Warrants-No Prf. of Ins., Exp. D.L., Stoplight/                                                                            Turn Signals & MVI Sticker-Exp; Booker

08/12/18  2356  Arrested Robbins, Noah A. for Disturbing the Peace; Ambrose