Police Desk Activity Log

Mansfield Police Department


Arrest Report

August 7--August 13



08/09/17  0840  Arrested Wyatt, Catoya for City Warrants-No License Plate, D.L. not on Person, No                                                                                  Proof Insurance, & Mvi Sticker-None; Jones

08/09/17  2018  Arrested Butler, Sekeitherin for Bench Warrant-Tinted Windows Restriction &
                                               Speeding; Buckingham                                                                                                                                          

08/10/17  0415  Arrested Moss, Larry James for Poss. of Schedule I & II, Drug Para. & Improper Lighting                                                                      (One Tail Lamp); Self

08/11/17  1600  Arrested Rivers, Preston for Bench Warrants-Speeding, MVI Sticker Exp., &                                                                                            Tinted Window Rest; Anderson

08/12/17  0333  Arrested Simpson, Tyrell M. for Bench Warrant-Reckless Operation; Whitaker

08/12/17  1700  Arrested Boyd, Ernest Jr. for Dist. The Peace; Zamarripa

08/12/17  1700  Arrested Scott, Tamara for Dist. The Peace; Anderson

08/13/17  0230  Arrested Ford, Kelvin D. for Disturbing the Peace/Intoxication; Burton