Police Desk Activity Log

Mansfield Police Department


Arrest Report

January 14 - January 20


01/14/19  1400  Arrested Williams, Lachriston for Bench Warrant-Speeding, & D.L not on Person; Blue

01/14/19  1622  Arrested Wyatt, Mechico  for Theft by Shoplifting/ Entering/Remain on Premises (2x; Self

01/15/19  1730  Arrested Jones, LaTeaca D. for Bench Warrant-D.L. Sus/Revoc, FTC-Child Restraint,                                                                                          Switched Lic Plates, & D.L. Sus/Revoc; Blue

01/15/19  1017  Arrested Vinson, Samuel for Bench Warrant-Resisting/Flight Officer; Blue

01/15/19  2005  Arrested Edwards, Brian Charles for Bench Warrant-Disturbing the Peace; Johnson

01/16/19  1903  Arrested Whitaker, Jalecia for Disturbing the Peace; O’Neal

01/16/19  1903  Arrested Mayweather, Jacorey for Disturbing the Peace; Ambrose

01/17/19  1914  Arrested Jones, Charles Jr. for Bench Warrant-Noise Violation; O’Neal