Mayor Curtis W. McCoy


 Mayor of the City of Mansfield since July 1, 2002, Curtis W. McCoy previously served in Law Enforcement
for 28 years throughout the City and Desoto Parish.  His dedication
to serving the Citizens and helping Mansfield to become even stronger, urged him to run for this esteemed position.  Becoming the first Black Mayor of this Great and Historic City, he says, has humbled him to encourage an atmosphere of increased cooperation for the advancement of all of the citizens of Mansfield.  He knows that we must all work together to improve our City, with its diverse population. 

Mayor McCoy’s hobbies are; fishing, playing basketball, traveling
and performing home improvement projects.  He has been the
owner of various businesses throughout his lifetime in the City of Mansfield. 
He is a Military Veteran and has held offices with various Boards and Committees in the City.  He received a Veterans of Foreign Wars Award, a Distinguished Service Award as a Mansfield Police Officer and the 2002 AMP Man of the Year Award.  Mayor McCoy is a member of the St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church.

The Mayor has always strongly encouraged citizen involvement
in advancing Mansfield.  He continues to encourage citizens to get involved with City matters, become a part of existing committees, and present new ideas to form committees for your area of interest.  He also encourages interested persons from surrounding areas to get involved with the advancement of 
       Mansfield and DeSoto Parish.