"Wall of Shame"

 Property owners neglecting their homes in the City of Mansfield are getting a public shaming. 

The "Wall of Shame," this page exposes blighted properties with pictures.  Mayor McCoy says he's serving notice to property owners who fail to take action on eyesore properties in the City.

Properties are facing designation as blighted, which will lead to the owners being fined.  Mayor McCoy is asking for help from Mansfield citizens to identify or help locate the owners of these blighted properties. The City is taking an inventory to add many other properties to the list.  McCoy says they're being targeted for blighted status by the city. 

There will be no warning, if property is not in compliance with city code enforcement, you will be fined! Noxious growth and trash, abandoned homes, junk and abandoned vehicles will be cited.

Ultimately, the city has the authority to foreclose on a property that fails to address blight concerns, but McCoy said that is a last resort.  "I urge anyone who could help us identify and locate these property owners to call us at City Hall," said McCoy. The following structures are considered blighted properties and are being targeted by the City's Code Enforcement Officer.    

To the citzens of Mansfield...