Housing in Mansfield...

Housing Market
Historically, available housing is lacking in some communities in the parish. Very little rent properties are available for single-family units.  A $75,000 homestead exemption in Louisiana plus very reasonable property taxes are great incentives for home buyers.

Rental Property
Property throughout the city is available for rent. The availability of rental property largely shifts based on the influx of workers associated with the Haynesville Shale. 

Opportunity for developers for individual residences and for rental properties like apartments is very profound.

Senior Housing
There are three housing sections specifically designed for seniors or disabled in Mansfield – The Oak Hill Plaza Apartments,
Mansfield Senior Apartments, and Mansfield Elderly Apartments. 

Public Housing

Housing Assistance is provided to residents and newcomers through HUD/Section 8, Mansfield Housing Authority. The Mayor of Mansfield appoints five members to the Mansfield Housing Authority Board, where they serve five-year terms. There are 140 units available.