City Directory

City Hall/Mayor's Office (318) 872-0406 
Mayor Curtis W. McCoy                                                                                          
Marvin Jackson, City Clerk  
Gwen Jones, Deputy Clerk  
Tommie Crawford, Public Information Officer   
Brian Phillips, City Court Clerk  
Melony McCarty, Accountant  

Judy Wilkerson, Office Assistant

FAX  (318) 872-0402
City Utilities Billing (318) 872-0406 Ext. #14
Theresa Zamarripa, Cashier/ Billing Clerk  
Quiana Jones, Cashier/ Billing Clerk  
Fire Department (318) 872-4246 

Latarsha Shelton, Interim Fire Chief

Emergencies  911
Police Department (318) 872-0520
Gary Hobbs,  Chief of Police  
Annette Blue, Assistant Chief of Police  
Linda Duncan, Code Enforcement Officer  
Emergencies   911
Public Works  
Jim Ruffin, Director  (318) 872-0406 Ext. #18
City Council  
Alderwoman Mary Green, District A  
Alderwoman Brenda Hall, District B  
Aldermen Mitchell Lewis, District C  
Aldermen Joseph Hall, Jr., District D  
Aldermen Kervin Campbell, District E  
Building Inspections  
Jimmy Sitter, Building Official (318) 518-4613
Marvin Jackson, Building Permits (318) 872-0406
Electrical Inspections  
Theresa Zamarripa & Quiana Jones, Electrical Permits (318) 872-0406 
Plumbing Inspections  
Jimmy Sitter, Plumbing Inspector (318) 518-4613
Theresa Zamarripa & Quiana Jones, Plumbing Permits (318) 872-0406
Planning & Zoning  (318) 872-0406
Gwen Jones  
Business Licenses (318) 872-0406 
Theresa Zamarripa & Quiana Jones