City Directory

City Hall/Mayor's Office (318) 872-0406 
Mayor John Mayweather, Sr.                                                                                         
Marvin Jackson, City Clerk  
Gwen Jones, Deputy Clerk  
Tommie Crawford, Public Information Officer   
Brian Phillips, City Court Clerk  
Melony McCarty, Accountant  


FAX  (318) 872-0402
City Utilities Billing (318) 872-0406 
Theresa Zamarripa, Cashier/ Billing Clerk  
Quiana Jones, Cashier/ Billing Clerk  
Fire Department (318) 872-4246 

Latarsha Shelton, Fire Chief

Emergencies  911
Police Department (318) 872-0520
Gary Hobbs,  Chief of Police  
Annette Blue, Assistant Chief of Police  
Linda Duncan, Code Enforcement Officer  
Emergencies   911
Public Works  
Jim Ruffin, Director  (318) 872-0406 
City Council  
Alderwoman Mary Green, District A  
Alderman Christopher Thomas, District B  318-947-2676
Alderman Mitchell Lewis, District C  
Alderman Joseph Hall, Jr., District D  
Alderman Kervin Campbell, District E  
Building Inspections  
Jimmy Sitter, Building Official (318) 518-4613
Marvin Jackson, Building Permits (318) 872-0406
Electrical Inspections  
Theresa Zamarripa & Quiana Jones, Electrical Permits (318) 872-0406 
Plumbing Inspections  
Jimmy Sitter, Plumbing Inspector (318) 518-4613
Theresa Zamarripa & Quiana Jones, Plumbing Permits (318) 872-0406
Planning & Zoning  (318) 872-0406
Gwen Jones  
Business Licenses (318) 872-0406 
Theresa Zamarripa & Quiana Jones